outer banks wedding music by roy murray

Dear Wonderful Roy, Your presence and music were such a blessing and gift for Rob and myself and all who were there. Our prayers were answered. Even from the beginning when I found you. Thank you so very much.


Roy, Thank you for being such a part of our special day! I feel as though I have known you for a long time! You are a caring and talented person! It was perfect, both on the deck for the wedding and at the house for the reception. Your music was fantastic, you were bold when it was needed, and you blended when it was needed! Perfect!

Betty and Frank

Roy, Mark and I wanted to thank you profusely for your services during our wedding. Your playing was beautiful and it absolutely completed the event. We know that it must have really sucked to have your old, expensive violin out in the rain and the sand to play at a wedding you had to drive two hours to get to and all. But it meant a lot to everyone there, and it really completed the day. Without your music, the event would have felt so empty. Thank you!

Kate and Mark

Dear Roy, Nevin and I would like to thank you for sharing such a special day with us. It meant so much to us for you to be a part of our wedding. You made our wedding even more special!

Nevin and Elizabeth

Roy, I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to JJ and I that you were able to perform at our wedding. I wished we could have personally heard more of your music but since the day we have heard nothing but praise for you. It is truly amazing how much your music added to the experience and created such a wonderful atmosphere for our guests. I am so grateful that you made such an extraordinary effort to make our day perfect. Our wedding was exactly how we envisioned it. Romantic, intimate, and surrounded by our family and closest friends. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with during this special time in our lives.

Ami and JJ

Roy, It’s hard to believe that we haven’t spoken in months! I just wanted to drop you a note to extend a sincere thank you for the beautiful ceremony music at our June 26 ceremony at the Whalehead Club—it was perfect! “Over the Rainbow” was even better than I imagined it could be and I will always remember walking over the bridge to your beautiful melody. Thank you! Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference. You guys sounded just amazing. Thanks again Roy.


Dear Roy, Thank you so much for helping us pick out the lovely music that Wayne and Beth played during our wedding ceremony. And thanks for arranging for Wayne and Beth to play. They were wonderful.

Michele and Tom

Dear Roy, As our first anniversary approaches (September 18) we were thinking of you and realized it’s time to get this note in the mail! I’m so sorry about the belated (but very genuine!) thank you! We are so glad to have the cello, but want to say an extra thank you to you for just showing up! I can’t tell you how special that was to us, it really made the ceremony absolutely beautiful! Annie’s song wouldn’t have been the same without you! You and Beth really did such a great job and you were so wonderful to work with. Thank you again!

Mike and Kate

Thank you so much for the gorgeous music you provided at our ceremony. I absolutely loved the trumpet—it was awesome! I also loved the music at the reception. It was perfect out by the pool. I wish I could have spent more time just sitting and listening to you play, but what I was able to hear, I loved. I don’t know if you remember, but when Phil and I first met you, you gave this awesome witness of your belief and faith in Jesus Christ. I told so many people about it; I want to witness to people like that too—it was so inspiring. I believe in God, but Phil doesn’t and it meant a lot to me when you just burst out your belief! I really want to learn how to do that! Thank you again for the awesome music. Please thank the women too—they were great.

Phil and Chris

Roy, Your music made our little ceremony on the beach a very special one! Merry Christmas!

Carol and Chris

Roy, We wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding and making our day even more special with your music. We’ve enclosed a tip to show our appreciation!

Susanne and Jason

Roy, You were—and are—wonderful. I could have dropped to my knees in thanks when you and Wayne seized the moment of the evening and suddenly appeared stage center with a trumpet duet. Beautiful. You’re the best!

Elizabethan Rendezvous and Company

Roy, Thank you for the beautiful music you played on my wedding day. You are very talented and the music pieces you suggested were perfect.


Roy, Thank you so much for playing the flute and trumpet for our wedding on May 12. Your assistant on the violin did a nice job too from what I’ve been told (Unfortunately I didn’t hear much of the music before the ceremony). Please share this $40 with the lovely lady who performed next to you. Music always makes the day special, and you helped us choose wonderful music for that day!

Jean and John

Roy, It’s been one week since you played at my daughter’s wedding in Corolla Chapel on May 21, and I’m still hearing your trumpet as she walked down the aisle. You were fantastic, and I love you for it!


Dear Mr. Murray, We wanted to write and say thank you for all your help with the music for our ceremony. We enjoyed the time meeting with you to go over our song choices. You are a wonderful musician. We also wanted to say thank you for working with us on the time and postponing of the ceremony. Although the day was full of surprises, trips to the emergency center and rain, God still made a way for us to meet each other at the end of that aisle and we are so thankful for your contribution in making our moment so special. May God bless you and your business and continue to keep you under His safe haven.

Michael and Carrie

Dear Roy, Thanks so much for playing such wonderful music on our wedding day. It will be a romantic memory in our life. Best wishes to you and your family!

Menglei and Anyi

Roy, Just wanted to thank you for sending your wonderful musicians to play for my daughter’s wedding on September 20. The music was beautiful and the ceremony unfolded like clockwork.


My Dear Roy, Thank you so very much for your glorious participation in our joyous wedding. It adds so much. I especially enjoy your playful professionalism. It has made this so much more fun. I also appreciate your patience and experienced suggestions, not to mention your sense and sensitivity to me and who I am.


Roy, Beth, and Daniel, Thank you so very much for all your help, patience, and flexibility during our wedding. You added a really beautiful element to our day and we're so thankful!

Dawn and Larry

Roy Murray Music Studio, We would like to thank you and the two wonderful and very talented musicians who performed at our wedding. With your assistance we were able to select the exact music we wanted performed during our ceremony and you selected the perfect musicians to execute it beautifully. Thank you to everyone who helped make our wedding ceremony magical, treasured, and memorable. Thank you!

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dickinson

Dear Roy, Thank you so much for your wonderful musicians who played last week at The Whalehead Club for my daughter Krissy’s wedding. Everything went smoothly despite the extremely windy conditions. Your players were so easy to work with, and they provided a delightful accompaniment to the wedding ceremony. The guests and wedding couple and their families enjoyed their music so very much! Thanks again.


Roy, Thanks for meeting with me the other day. I am looking forward to having your musicians at our event. Thanks for figuring out how to make it work for us! All the best!


Dear Roy and Stacy, We just wanted to thank you for being a part of our wedding day. Roy, we appreciate you meeting with us and answering our phone calls and questions. You were very personable and helpful. Stacy did a fabulous job. The violin music really made it special. I (Jill) actually miss playing the violin. Thanks again!!

Jill and Andy

Hi Roy, I cannot even begin to thank you enough for all that you have blessed us with for our wedding. The music selections you helped us pick were perfect and you truly have the most amazing musicians! Your kind gift has so blessed me and my family! I had so many compliments about your musicians and the song I walked down the isle to! You helped my “fairy tale” wedding come true and for that I thank you! There are great pictures of Julia and Laura at the address I gave them, and there is a fantastic picture of your musicians that I will get to you! Thank you so much again!

Nicole and Brandon

Dear Mr. Murray, Thank you so much for the wonderful music for our daughter’s wedding on Saturday. Jacquelyn had an idea of what she wanted for their ceremony and you fulfilled that idea. I am so sorry we did not get to hear a lot of the music for the hour around the pool, but when we were coming back from the beach, the music was floating over the dunes and made the evening. Everyone commented how great that hour was. What better way to pass time than to have good food and great music.

Chuck and Karen

Roy, We want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful performance during our wedding ceremony. Both the trumpet player and violinist were incredible. They added the perfect touch to our wedding. Thanks again!!

Amber and Robert

Roy, I really enjoyed meeting you over the phone last night. Your passion for music made me very excited to work with you as we pick out music for my wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me over the phone about the different musician options you offer. It sounds like the violin, cello, and trumpeter would be a beautiful combination.Thank you again for making this process such an easy one.


Roy, Alan and I want to thank you for the beautiful music you provided for our daughter’s wedding last Saturday. We received many wonderful comments about the ceremony music.


Dear Roy, We can’t thank you enough for all that you did to make our wedding day truly memorable. It was such a pleasure getting to know you and we hope our paths cross again.

Tom and Margo

Dear Roy, I am sorry we weren’t able to spend more time together but wanted to thank you for the beautiful music at my wedding ceremony. Everyone was blown away at how powerful each piece was. Shane and I were truly honored to have you there.


Roy, We wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding at The Whalehead Club on August 12. The music was beautiful and perfect for the occasion. All went as planned and we couldn’t have asked for anything different. Thank you again.

Beth and Ryan

Dear Roy, Thank you so much for playing such lovely music during our ceremony. You and Stacy are both so talented and we’re so glad you were able to be there for our ceremony! We would highly recommend you to anyone getting married on the Outer Banks!

Chris and Lis

Dear Roy, Ryan and I are so pleased with your performance before and during the ceremony. It sounded absolutely beautiful and was especially meaningful because you were able to play the Beatles’ “In My Life” so perfectly. I’m so sorry I was not able to thank you in person because of the chaos of guests and pictures. But please use me as a reference if you like!

Jaime and Ryan

Dear Roy, Thank you so much for performing at our New Year’s Eve, Outer Banks wedding. We’ve heard from several guests how beautiful the music was. You truly have a gift and we appreciated you sharing it at our big event!

Ashley and John

Dear Roy, I know this note is long overdue, but I wanted to say thank you for your lovely performance at our wedding ceremony. When I heard “Stonybrook Love” while walking over the bridge with my father, my heart just fluttered. The ceremony was so romantic and truly magical. Thank you for spending so much time with the songs and music selection. You are truly a wonderful artist.

Laura and Matt

Roy, Thank you so much for the wonderful music you played at our wedding on June 15. Everything was beautiful and your music helped make it a day we’ll never forget!

Vicki and Steve

Roy and Stacy, Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful music you played at our wedding. We had so many compliments about the selections and the trumpet! It was the perfect touch to a garden wedding! Thanks.

Tim and Lindsay

Dear Roy, I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the wonderful music that you and your group provided us with for my daughter’s wedding on July 31! It was just exquisite! I wished that you three could have stayed around and enjoyed some champagne with us—but I think I was just so busy with making sure all went well with the cake cutting at the house, I didn’t ask! Anyway—your music added the “classy touch” to a sweet, simple wedding on the beach, and that was just what Courtney and Cairo wanted! Thank you for blessing us with your talents!

Carol and Chris

Thanks again for playing at our wedding. What a perfect day! God is good!


From Kari and Jack

Bride: Roy Murray and musicians, Thank you so much for the incredible music at our wedding in Pine Island on September 19. Our friends and family had an absolute blast at the reception. It was the perfect mood we were hoping for. I heard the cello from my bathroom window while getting ready, which helped calm my nerves! And the trumpet on the beach was a perfect “announcement!” We had such a perfect night. Much thanks to all three great musicians!

Groom: Roy and musicians, Live, talented musicians is a fairy tale to have as part of our wedding. Everything was perfect! The cello was classy and appreciated; the front porch worked out well. Your trumpet was “very cool” and thank you for putting up with the wind and sand. Your reception was elegant and fun and balanced. Lots of fears come out when we don’t know what to expect. It was great to trust in you and your multi-instrument talent, your vocals and professionalism. Thank you for our perfect day.

Roy, Thank you so very much for the outstanding music on our wedding day! The trumpet was awesome and everyone loved it! Thank you again.

Matt and Adrienne

Dear Roy and Julia, Thank you so much for a wonderful day spent together Sunday. I will never forget that day! You guys are so kind and generous. I will think of that day every time I use the things you bought for me. Thank you again. Love you guys!


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